Government departments


Communities and Local Government

Grant Shapps, minister of state for housing and local government


 Responsible for:

  • Housing
  • Local government
  • Regeneration
  • Climate change and sustainable development


Greg Clark, minister of state for decentralisation


 Responsible for:

  • Planning policy

 Bob Neill, parliamentary under secretary of state

 Responsible for:

  • Local government and planning

 Andrew Stunell, parliamentary under secretary of state

 Responsible for:

  • Building regulations
  • Big Society, housing and regeneration

Department of Energy and Climate Change

Greg Barker, minister of state for climate change


 Responsible for:

  • Climate change
  • Energy efficiency
  • Carbon reduction commitment
  • Fuel poverty
  • Green economy, green jobs and skills
  • Energy innovation, including marine energywave and tidal)
  • Heat
  • Environment Council
  • CERT and CESP

Charles Hendry, minister of state for energy


 Responsible for:

  • Renewable energy
  • Grid policy including smart grids and network of recharging points
  • Smart meters
  • Planning reform and consents


Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

David Willetts, minister of state for universities and science

 Responsible for:

  • Science and research (including Research Councils)
  • Innovation
  • Technology Strategy Board
  • National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA)
  • Energy Technologies Institute
  • British Standards Institute

 Mark Prisk, minister of state for business and enterprise

 Responsible for:

  • Business sectors, including low carbon economy
  • Construction
  • Regional and local economic development (including grants for business investment)