Developing a supply chain

AIMC4’s success hinges on a supply chain that can deliver a successful formula for building Code Level 4 (energy) homes using energy-efficient fabric and building service solutions.

To create such a supply chain, AIMC4 engaged with suppliers across the UK and Europe in intensive ‘Sandpit’ and 'Lean' workshops to kick-start discussions, pool ideas and find the most efficient building methods.

The result is a project that has the most innovative and efficient solutions at its disposal, with an energised supply chain working alongside the UK's leading developers in a pioneering project with long-term commercial opportunities.

Further information

The selection process was divided into the following stages:

  • Questionnaire:a pre-qualification questionnaire, assessed against a matrix. Suppliers selected for Sandpit 1.
  • Sandpit 1:  a series of exercises, begins filtering out potential suppliers.
  • Sandpit 2: more challenging exercises identifiy the best suppliers. Successful companies invited to tender.

After selection, Lean Workshops brought together architects, designers, suppliers and contract managers to examine practical assembly issues to ensure efficiency on site.