Meeting the targets

AIMC4 is responding to challenging carbon reduction targets now enshrined in Building regulations Part L.

Part L Building Regulations

In 2010, the government aligned the Code for Sustainable Homes with Building Regulations Part L (Conservation, Fuel and Power). This requires a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions from new buildings, against  2006 levels.

The revision also introduced ‘Fabric Energy Efficiency Standards’ to replace the Heat Loss Parameter, while encouraging a ‘fabric first’ approach to CO2 reduction that enable developers to use building materials and techniques to improve energy efficiency.

Looking ahead to 2013, the AIMC4 Consortium has identified the most efficient fabric-first methods that meet the 44% CO2 reduction target for the same cost as meeting the current Building Regulations.

Robust measurement

Robust measurement underpins everything. The requirements for the AIMC4 homes and all the specific components are modelled using SAP 2009 (Standard Assessment Procedure).

Efficiency is also about increasing performance beyond energy and CO2. To that end, AIMC4 is using robust assessment techniques to reduce waste in process, design and construction using the CLIP and CALIBre tools.